Hi, I'm Michael Ayers

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You are an entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to know exactly what you need to do to leverage the power of your website to help your business grow and profit.

Don't Despise Small Beginnings

60 second life story

No Income, No Degree, No Job


What Do I Do?

I was getting out of the military. Had a wife, a kid and soon to have no income. No college education.



Company Failing

The web company did okay in the beginning but sales begin to decline because of all the platforms that made web design easy.  By this time I had went to college and got a degree in business.



Try Something New

So the degree was not in the field I needed to land my dream job as a web designer and digital marketer. I begin to brand myself online and talk about all the things I knew how to do.



Success and Income

My branding opened up the door for me to land my dream job as a digital strategist. The branded also brought in revenue through different sources.




I reversed engineered what help my brand grow and show people how to do the same for themselves. I have the pleasure of working for Multi-million dollar corporations as a digital strategist. Branding Yourself Works!


Your Different So StandOut With Your Personal Brand

Our Values

The Great 8

It is more important

to give than receive.

Serve One Person

at a time can change the world.

Each success

is a success for a generation.

Every Person

has the potential to be great.

The More You Give

the more you impact others.

No Matter What

always over deliver.

Just Start

there is no perfect time.

Success starts

with a simple plan.