Stand out with a personal brand.

Hi I’m Michael Ayers ! I’m a digital strategist and I am here to show how I went from almost going into Bankruptcy to building a personal brand online that allowed me to land my dream job while making more money from my business than ever before.


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If you’re business owner. A consultant.

A entrepreneur.

A human being. 

Then you need a personal brand…

and because we are in the informational digital age you need one fast that brings results . Why? 

It is the way you get a job, it is the way you grow your business, it is the way you let the world know that you are here and you will make an impact. A personal branded website is the true lifeline of your business and career, an asset, that is your 24 hour sales person.

But let me ask you a question, “Do you have a website and if so is it bringing you money or is it costing you money?”

Without your website bringing you a steady flow of customers, your business and career are in trouble.


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Let me help

Most website that are built just don’t work. They are just regular websites to say to people I have a website. It’s just a check in the box.  

I found out that most business sites and personal brand sites are doing nothing for your business or career income. Someone somewhere told you that you had to have a website however they didn’t tell you how to do it properly and make it a marketing funnel. 

The truth is that there is big difference between having a website and having an online money making system for your Personal Brand.

Michael has really help me impact the world by completely branding my personal ministry online. He has transformed the way I look at being online.

Bishop Smith, KLS Ministries

I did not know where to start. I knew what I wanted in my head but Your Different help get it out of my head to online. Thank you Michael for your training.

Charlene , Online with Charlene

We Are Different

We teach our students and help our clients create websites that actually work for their brands. We give you the step by step instructions and technical support to take action and build a website system that transforms your business and your life.

This is why we have clients who stick with us for years. The process just works.

Welcome to my site. Look around, here is my About page and a couple of Recent Articles I wrote to help you with your personal brand.

And when you are ready to move forward, click below to watch a free complimentary step by step training about the exact process we use to help our clients Start Branding Themselves.